Genome scale metabolic modeling and study of secondary metabolism of 24 Penicillium species

Sylvain Prigent
Thursday, May 31, 2018 - 10:30
Room Aurigny
Talk abstract: 

During this presentation I will talk about my 3 years of Postdoc in Jens Nielsen lab in Sweden. Where I studied metabolism of Penicillium species. Modelling of metabolism at the genome scale have proved to be an efficient for explaining observed phenotypic traits in living organisms. Further, it can be used as a means of predicting the effect of genetic modifications e.g. for generation of microbial cell factories. With the increasing amount of genome sequencing data available, a need exists to accurately and efficiently generate such genome scale metabolic models (GEMs) of non-model organisms, for which there are few data. In this talk, I will present a semi-automatic reconstruction approach applied to 24 Penicillium species, which have potential for production of pharmaceuticals secondary metabolites or used in foods such as cheeses. The models were based on the MetaCyc database and a previously published Penicillium GEM, and gave rise to comprehensive genome scale descriptions of their metabolism. The models proved that while central carbon metabolism is highly conserved, secondary metabolic pathways represent the main diversity among the species. I will also present some work we did on prediction of production of secondary metabolites based on genomic sequence and some RNA-seq analysis on those 24 species.

At the end of my presentation I will also talk a little about my current and future work on fruit biology at INRA Bordeaux.